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The Birmingham Gospel Outreach is primarily a tract ministry supplying the Christian community with Gospel leaflets. We have 86 different tracts in English.

All 86 tracts can be viewed in the 'Products' folder in 7 different categories. For instance, in the category named, 'General' there are 62 different tracts found over 7 pages. The other 6 categories are 'Topical', 'Seasonal', 'Children', 'End Times', 'Specialist Groups' and 'For the Dismissive'. In any category, if you click on the first tract eg 'God loves you' in 'General' and then proceed to click on the double, black arrow-head bottom right, you will see all the tracts in that category, one after the other, without having to click on the various page numbers.

We also produce evangelistic cards both in English and Romanian (20 in each pack), scripture verse memory cards (30 in a pack) and bookmarks (56 in the set). Within this large bookmark range we have a dedicated set of bookmarks geared towards evangelism as well as bookmarks that are encouraging, and informative (eg. 'Names of God' and 'Books of the Bible').

However, our main concern is producing tracts, and these are professionally printed on the offset litho printer, in full colour, using quality, 115gm art-gloss paper. They are all A5 in size, folded once. The tracts are eye-catching, and are designed to cater for many different peoples from varied backgrounds. They are ideal for use not just in one-to-one situations, but also in evangelistic outreaches of all kinds.

If you would like to purchase a sample of all the products that we have (the 86 different tracts, the 20 different evangelistic cards, the 30 different Scripture Memory Verse Cards and the 56 different bookmarks) then this will cost £13 including post and packing. You can pay through internet bank transfer, cash into any HSBC bank, a cheque payable to 'BGO' and sent to the address in 'Contact Us', or by postal order. For the first two, please go to the 'Contact Us' page for the sort code and account number. Our telephone number can also be found on that page.

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